Constant Contact and Mailchimp A quick look at both

Mailchimp and Constant Contact are the go-to names for  email marketing . They help businesses communicate with prospects, market products and re-engage past customers via email.

MailChimp  is one of the most well-known and popular email marketing applications, used by  13m+ people . They offer free membership and within minutes of setting up my account, I was happily stopping by my first email.

Its feature list is also quite impressive. The design of its email templates is clean and contemporary, and so is the dashboard. Plus, its analytics are worth a second look, and it integrates with plenty of apps to boot.

As for  Constant Contact , it has fewer users than Azerbaijan Mobile Number List Mailchimp (600,000) but is still one of the most popular email solutions out there. I set up my account in minutes and the free trial doesn’t require a credit card. 

It has a lot going for it and does a lot of things well, but its email design isn’t as sleek as Mailchimp. That said, it’s still a viable option (more on that below).

Email Marketing Automation

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Mailchimp has great automation features that allow users to send personalized product recommendations and buy leads. In addition, you can set “triggers”; for example, if someone clicks on a certain link, makes a purchase, abandons their shopping cart, etc., it causes a certain email sequence to disappear. 

On the other hand, Constant Contact allows you to set up automatic replies and personalized emails. It also allows you to send automated emails based on CL Lists how your contacts interact with your emails. You can also segment your contacts to automatically resend messages to those who don’t open your messages.  That said, compared to Mailchimp, there are fewer automation triggers available, so you can’t rely on very advanced automation flows.

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