What tools to facilitate campaign scaling and automation are used by the agency, e. Roihunter, Revealbot, Data Feed Watch, Roivenue or Supermetrics. Having a website is now a standard in virtually every industry and no longer gives you an advantage over your competition. This is one of the reasons why companies are increasingly choosing to have a mobile application. in the e-commerce industry. Already in 2010, it was estimated that the average user of a smartphone or tablet used about 30 applications per month. Today, 74% of users have at least one shopping app installed.

The pandemic had a major impact

On the mobile application market, during which it tripled. However, just creating a mobile application is not enough. You need to reach users with it and convince them to download. For this to happen, it should be easy to find on mobile platforms. App Catalan Email List store optimization, i. positioning of mobile applications, comes to our aid . Thanks to properly conducted optimization, your application will not only rank high in the search engine. First of all, it will be tailored to the needs of users and their intentions, which will result in a large number of downloads of the application and a small number of uninstalls.

In this article you will learn

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The rules of application positioning and optimization, what affects the position in the search results of the App Store and Google Play, and what to do to increase the number of app downloads. What is ASO? App Store Optimization (ASO), i. optimization of mobile applications, is a process focused on positioning applications in order to achieve CL Lists better visibility in the search results of internal application store search engines. When you ask what mobile application positioning is, you can hear that it is simply SEO for the application. This is of course not entirely true.