Is good too I’d recommend the book ‘F**k It’! , I’m going to leave Wildheart and Ryan Hamilton who wrote and recorded a song together based on their personal experiences of mental health issue Sometimes you just have to say ‘Fuck You, Brain!’ Reproduced with permission, originally posted here UNITED STATES It is Mental Illness Awareness Week October through , making it the perfect time to bring up stigma. Unfortunately there exists a huge gap in the public perception of mental illness and the reality of who we are as human beings.

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If there wasn’t, we wouldn’t need to have this Mali Email List conversation about stigma and mental illness. To be immune to it I would have to move to the desert and live under a rock. Stigma and mental illness We were asked to speak at the National Convention for the NNDC (National Network of Depression Centers) for our new book, Two Bipolar Chicks’ Guide to Survival: Tips for Living with Bipolar Disorder. The sad part is not that the organizer asked us to speak on stigma, rather that we expected it. Stigma and mental illness are like peanut butter and jelly; if only they were as sweet.

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It is every third tweet on my feed, a word CL Lists I have become so jaded to that I sink into it like a giant, comfy bean bag. Why is this a problem, this stigma, Wendy? Why all the fuss? Here’s why. Stigma can be an underlying cause why our teens commit suicide. Yes, stigma. It hurts our teens and college students who are vulnerable and impressionable. The opinions of their peers — and society — deeply affect their psyche. So yes, we need to talk about it and this is but one, certainly urgent reason why. Stigma from the ones we love Stigma’s icy wedge, the one it creates within our families, is hands down the one I hear about the most.