How are you doing It sounds like an everyday  but me it start me on my path to recovery. This simple inquiry undid my barriers to recovery. I had my first panic attack at . I didn’t know that was what it was call, or that it was symptomatic of the fact I was suffering with a mental illness. Mental health was not on my radar, not at all. The Question That Undid Me I Didn’t Think of My Brain as Healthy or Unhealthy I didn’t think of my brain as being healthy or unhealthy, or that it had moving or corruptible parts. It just was. It exist and enabl me to get on with my life.

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When I did allow myself to think about Niue Email List these panic attacks, I lik to pretend I had imagin the whole thing. I believ these aberrations were caus because of something I was doing, or not doing. It was somehow my fault. I search for the answer as to what was causing them in all sorts of places, but mainly in my faith. I saw my inability to stay strong and in control as evidence of sin. Weirder and scarier still, I felt it was some sort of demonic attack or stronghold in my life.

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Knowing what it was was beyond me, I heard the spiritual explanations more than those of biology or chemistry of the brain. I Search for Answers CL Lists Unaware there was another explanation, I didn’t know anything mical or therapeutic could be done about the fact that, with increasing regularity, I suffer from panic episodes. I didn’t get any professional mental health help until I was thirty. It was then that I was diagnos as having anxiety and depression. Until then, I didn’t know I was ill or that there was anything that could be done about it.