My case Bipolar Disorder are very good at wearing a mask of joy and happiness when things cause us the most pain. R flags As I look back at the months leading up to my attempt, there were already some r flags. I began to be more and more detach and snappy towards people around me. I felt alone in this battle and I was getting tir of the fight. These are the warnings I should have not deflect onto other things such as just having a bad day. Looking back on it I realise I ne to be more honest with people when they would ask me, ‘How am you doing or  What’s new.

A permanent solution would have

Rather than the fake smile and ‘I’m fine’ to mask my true feelings and emotions, I should have said, ‘I am struggling, I ne some help, can you Marketing Directors Email List help me?’ Going back to that Sunday night, I wasn’t suppos to wake up on Monday, but I did, in a daze. I didn’t know where I was or why I was even able to move. My body was suppos to have found peace from the pain by way of leaving the world. In my right mind I never want to actually die.

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Aaus years and even lifetimes of pain

I just want to escape the pain I kept CL Lists having to fight which left me exhaust. I was put under a -hour hold (more commonly known as a ) which start in the emergency room. Then eventually I was transferr to a mental health facility. I thought being gone would end it all. But over the course of + hours (five days in total), I realiz how much it would affect the people I car for the most. Depression was winning Though my social circle may be big, my inner circle is very small and those are the people who I would have hurt the most.