According to data from the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency, from April when. The application was open until now about , farmers have submitt their development projects. It’s been a bad week for Apple: Not only has the company fac a negative ruling from the US Supreme Court as part of a lawsuit, but now rising trade tensions between the US and China threaten to affect iPhone demand. Read Teen sues Apple after facial recognition technology l to his arrestApple’s loss at the Supreme Court Apple is facing a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court with very serious consequences for the technology giant.

Will face huge losses

The plaintiffs, four iPhone users, allege that Switzerland Mobile Number List Apple unlawfully monopoliz the App Store through a number of practices.Apple charges developers up to % for sales made on the App Store, a cost that is often pass on to consumers. And since rivals aren’t allow to compete for those users outside the platform — iPhone users can only buy apps through the App Store — the plaintiffs argue that a more than competitive pricing structure is being creat.In response to Monday’s decision, Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock said.

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That could mean bad news

Developers set the price they want to CL Lists charge for their app, and Apple has no role in that. The vast majority of apps in the App Store are free, and Apple gets nothing from them,” according to The New York Times.What does this decision mean for Apple?Apple will now have to defend its practices in a lower court and if it does not defend its position it . First, the smartphone manufacturer could suffer monetary damages, which could reach billions of dollars. And if it is forc to change the way the App Store operates, it could have a negative impact on the Services segment’s revenue growth. Depending on the outcome.