The next step is to verify at the customer’s site whether these activities were carried out by a specialist himself or whether external tools were used to scale them. For large online stores, it is recommended to use tools based on machine learning, which can significantly increase profits in just a few weeks. that the ad formats were matched to users at all stages of the purchase funnel. Thanks to this, we will not only ensure the influx of new users to the website, but also increase the conversion of already acquired users. You can read about how to effectively implement machine learning in Google Ads campaigns.

The amount and types of matches of ad group

Keywords are crucial in terms of the effectiveness of the entire search campaign. It is necessary to group keywords thematically within one ad group. It’s a good idea to limit their number and rethink the types of matches. We have the following options: a. Broad match – misspellings, synonyms, similar searches and other relevant variations of the Kyrgyzstan Email List keyword. b. Phrase Match – Phrase matches (or close variants thereof) with additional words before or after them. c. Exact match – exact matches to the password or its close variations with the same meaning. By properly adjusting the above matches, we are able to answer a lot of variants of queries based on several keywords.

In the case of the PPC company ad group

Email List

We operate even more simply, as shown in the slide below: 4. CPC Bid Matching – Ad scheduling is very rarely set once and for all. It should be matched to the observation of user behavior on the website. For this purpose, Google Analytics checks from CL Lists which devices we observe the majority of traffic and applies different rates for mobile and stationary devices accordingly. Similarly, it is worth analyzing on which days of the week and hours we achieve higher. Conversions and assigning higher bids per click to them.