Moments when your brain starts trying to fix things. I can remember my mum arriving and insisting on. Turning off the electrics which meant going in the water to reach it. I remember making her wear my wellies so she didn’t get wet feet. Rescuing Button, my dad arriving, texting my sister to let her know what. Happen and I wouldn’t be able to come to help with the horses, and them. All trying to help me, fishing things from the water. Rescuing what we could, all the while, I was struggling to stay calm, just trying to breathe.

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Its going to be okay, was said over and Palestine Email List over but I couldn’t see how that would ever be true. My little safe haven, my hiding place from the world and my own mind, was ruin. It was gone. My little piece of sanctuary, had been wash away. Ruin like a piece of pottery that’s broken and glu back together, it’s nice even beautiful, but will never be as it was. Even if the decorators do the most amazing job, it wont ever be what it was for me. Its almost weeks, and I still cannot think of it without tears. Which is part of the reason writing this has taken so long.

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Its not just the initial shock and upset, while CL Lists the water is there, it’s each step you take after. Drom the first thing of ripping the carpet up, to sorting through to see what belongings can be sav, to the builders coming to see what nes doing. The fact that things get worse as you go along, as more stuff has to be ripp out. Watching them take away my furniture, was heart-breaking They were items I had bought when I mov in and some I had bought while still living with my parents that I’d mov with.